Commercial Law

We provide a wide range of commercial services tailored to our clients specific business needs.

We act for start-up businesses, sole traders, partnerships, private and public limited companies and international companies.

Our Commercial Law Services

Shareholder Agreements

Typically a Shareholders Agreement will also deal with contingencies such as what happens if one party wants to sell their shares, what happens on death or retirement (often in small private companies the shareholder is also an employee) and other matters to include issuing and introducing a new shareholder, voting rights etc.

Partnership Agreements

Sometimes people are all to quick to set up a private limited company which has tax implications where a Partnership Agreement is more appropriate. Also, there are certain businesses where a private limited company is prohibited.

Company Set-Up

Very often persons set up a company and engage in business without fully understanding the implications or the obligations created by same. Our company set up service is not simply limited to purchasing an off the shelf company but an examination of all the client’s legal requirements.

Share Purchase Agreements

A share purchase agreement is a document prepared when shares are being bought and sold and in particular where the entire share interest is being purchased and simply signing a share transfer form is not appropriate.

Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual Property Law is the area of law which has established over time to protect creative or intangible property such as inventions, trademarks, computer programmes, music etc.

Information Technology Law

Information Technology Law is to a large degree a specialised subsection of Intellectual Property Law. This area of law is extremely important in Irish business and often the intellectual property is the most important asset that the business owns.

Consumer Law

Influenced by E.U. legislation, consumer protection has increased significantly in Ireland in the recent decades.
There are now a significant number of pieces of legislation that protect consumers and the seller is widely defined as someone ‘dealing with a consumer’ for the purposes of same.
There also now strict controls in relation to misleading advertising, defective products, unfair terms, distant selling (internet sales), product safety etc.

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